Our current priority issues:

Gun Violence

PACT congregations vote every year on the 2-3 issues that they will focus their work on. Currently, there are 3 areas of focus: Gun Violence, Affordable Housing, and our newest problem area: Immigration.

After hearing story after story from our member congregations about lives lost to gun voiolence, we've advocated for and successfully gained the implementation of the Group Violence Intervetion strategy. We are currently focused on advocating for its expansion. 

Unnecessary Arrests

Community IDs

Thousands of county residents cannot access important institutions and services due to lack of a local identification. PACT is pushing the county to fund and endorse a "community ID" program. We hope for a future with IDs for everyone.

After working with our 9 sister organizations across the state to reduce youth arrests, we are now working together to reduce uneccessary arrests of adults. 

Affordable Housing

Miami-Dade county is the most unaffordable metro area in the country. PACT has pushed for large-scale solutions to the county's affordable housing crisis, like the county's Affordable Housing Trust Fund and they City of Miami's Affordable Housing Master Plan.