Our Mission:

PACT unites, organizes and trains leaders from diverse congregations, schools and community groups to build a powerful community voice. Individually and collectively, we empower ourselves, hold officials accountable, achieve systemic change, and promote fairness, justice and democracy in Miami-Dade County.

Call: 305-572-0602

9401 Biscayne Blvd, #215
Miami, FL 33138

How we impact the Miami-Dade Community:

Making Miami a better place since 1988

PACT trains grassroots leaders to build the power of organized people and change their communities. Through local workshops and regional/national trainings, grassroots leaders develop a number of skills: hosting listening sessions, building networks, research, negotiating with decision-makers, conducting public meetings, and fundraising. Together, we use our skills to impact serious community problems that affect Miami-Dade County residents.

40 congregations united for justice

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